News icon Apply to Join the Mitchell Institute Alumni Council

The Mitchell Institute Alumni Council is seeking new members to help support the Mitchell Institute Scholars and Alumni.

Since 2005, the Alumni Council has supported the work of the Mitchell Institute by providing professional development and networking opportunities to current Scholars and Alumni. Each year, the Alumni Council organizes MILE II, a personal and career development day, which was a huge success in 2014 with more than 80 in attendance. The Alumni Council is also responsible for encouraging the creation and growth of local campus organizations, helping Scholars connect with one another at their colleges, and providing opportunities for Alumni to stay involved with the Mitchell Institute.

For more information about current members, click here.

Members of the Alumni Council serve on one of three committees: Membership, MILE II, or Alumni Engagement. They are asked to serve one three-year term, with the option of seeking approval from the Council to serve a second three-year term. Council members are asked to commit between five and ten hours each month, including two one-hour conference calls, and attend several annual events in Maine.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Alumni Council at Dustin Hilt, Chair of the Membership Committee, will respond.

Applicants need to submit a one-page cover letter and resume. The cover letter should describe your interest in serving on the Alumni Council and the skills and experiences you can offer to further the mission of the Mitchell Institute. Please also include the name of your high school and the year in which you graduated. Applicants who have yet to complete their college degree should be on track to graduate in Spring 2015.

If you are interested in joining the Alumni Council, please submit a brief cover letter and resume to by February 1st.